GRUAS MAR provides:
lifting cranes,
specialized transportation, dredging and drilling.


Management's commitment

Management is committed to achieving the objectives as well as providing the necessary resources to support the Integrated Management System and maintaining effective communication with stakeholders.

Compliance with legal requirements

The company is committed to comply with the applicable legal requirements in force, customer requirements and the requirements arising from our Integrated Management System.


Continuous improvement

We focus on continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, as well as maintaining and improving safety and environmental conditions. We rely on a group of duly qualified professionals who participate in continuous training, allowing us to maintain the forefront of service provision in terms of knowledge about the equipment, its maintenance and its correct use.

Clients and Quality

We believe that constant contact and proximity to clients
is essential to ensure maximum efficiency in the provision of services.
We qualify, evaluate and develop key suppliers, seeking as far as possible that they adopt work standards in accordance with the norms implemented by the company.

Occupational Safety and Health

The company is committed to prevent damage and deterioration of the health of personnel, customers and visitors to the establishment. It is fundamental for Gruas Mar to include
the consultation and participation of workers, in order to achieve the specific objectives regarding health
and safety at work.

Our aim

Experts in transportation of SPECIAL CARGOES, DREDGING and DRILLING. Commitment, safety and innovation. Client satisfaction guaranteed.

Environmental Commitment

The objective is to minimize the environmental impact through the efficient and rational use of resources, specializing in waste management and the adoption of environmentally friendly best practices.

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Our dedication to excellence is demonstrated by the ISO quality certifications we have obtained.

These certifications reflect our commitment to the highest technical standards of compliance, client satisfaction and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.